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About The Harvard Pain Institute

At The Harvard Pain Institute, our motto is TO TREAT EACH AND EVERY PATIENT WITH CARE AND COMPASSION, one at a time.

Conditions treated: Lower back pain, disc hernia causing arm and leg pain, disc degeneration with facet joint arthritis, vertebral compression fracture, previous back fusion with failed back syndrome, discogenic back pain, frozen shoulders, complex regional pain syndrome, post-herpetic neuralgia, occipital neuritis, tympano mandibular joint syndrome, headache, snapping hip syndrome, sciatic leg pain, rib pain (sterno/costo-chondritis), gout foot/joint pain, sacro-iliitis, hip pain, chronic pancreatitis/abdominal pain

Procedures performed: Cervical epidural steroid injection, lumbar epidural steroid injection, facet joint injection, occipital nerve block, spinal cord stimulator placement, vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty, radio-frequency rhizotomy, intercostal nerve block, stellate and sympathetic nerve block, shoulder joint injection, hip joint injection, TMJ injection, celiac plexus block

About Peter Ly, M.D.

Dr. Peter Ly is the president of The Harvard Pain Institute. He attended New York Medical college and completed his medical training in pain medicine and anesthesia at UCLA. Dr. Ly's dedication and passion to help those in need has convinced him that the field of interventional pain management would be an area where he could use his knowledge and skill to make the most impact to those he cares about deeply. Dr. Ly has been in private practice since 2000, and during those wonderful years, he has helped many patients suffering from a myriad of painful conditions.


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